DAY 53- Camp Day 7

Yesterday was another great day at camp. We played some fun games took some good rests and definitely had a lot of fun.

For breakfast we had sweet potato pancakes. They were surprisingly really good. I had 4 of them and then went outside and played some soccer. We did that for a little while than went to our morning class. We really just touched up on all of our dances and songs since we are performing them today. After class it was time for snack time.

We got to snack time and watched the 7-9 class finish there dance and end class. After that we had some snack. We went out onto the raft and with the new rules none of the 9 or younger can go on the raft without an adult right near the water. At snack time the adults are always doing stuff so nobody could come 9 or under so it was pretty peaceful out there.

After that it was time for morning gathering. At morning gathering we all had a good time. They played songs that they play every year and those dances are all of our favorites. There is one where you do some clapping with each other and dance around while creaming some funny stuff in another language. The other one is where you 6 people connect into a line and 2 people stand and make an arch. And there are 5 groups like that and you go through different arches like they are train stations and you are trains. We also heard the end of that long story. Everyone was so happy!

After that we all went swimming. I didn’t really have all to much action swimming as I took about a 35 minute rest on tube while floating around. I think I might have gotten a tan on my legs because they dried off fast on the hot tube. After that long rest I didn’t need another one at quiet time. I never knew how energized you could get over water.

After that it was time for lunch. Lunch was normal nothing too new or a favorite. After lunch it was quiet time and for quiet time I made a wish boat with my cousin. A wish boat is used on the last. It’s a fast piece of wood that you decorate with anything you’d like that from nature. On the last night where you put the candle on it you would light it and watch them on the lake go drift away at night. They are really awesome. On the bottom you make a wish, every year I’ve made a wish and the wish came true. After that it was time for our afternoon class. We also touched up on some stuff in that class too. We are basically done with everything.

After that it was time for afternoon swim. It was a normal swim time I caught some tennis balls of the raft and played with the tube. After that it was time for dinner setter. After dinner we went to our cabin and hung out there till evening gathering. After evening gathering we did 2 dances than went night swimming again. This time we did it with Leo.

After that we were all really tired so we went to bed. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about the Morris tour we are doing today.

2 thoughts on “DAY 53- Camp Day 7

  1. Luke, what type of camp is this and what are the names of the dances. Glad you’re having a great time!!
    Miss Carol


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