DAY 52- Camp Day 6

Yesterday was an awesome day. We played a lot of games and learned a lot of new things. I woke up and wrote in my blog. I got right to the end of it but didn’t quite finish it. After that I went to breakfast with Jake.

Breakfast yesterday was scrambled eggs with a choice of cheesy eggs. After breakfast I went back to my cabin and finished writing in my blog. I wasn’t really in the mood to play soccer after breakfast and I had a blog to write. After that came our first class.

At this class we are at the end of learning the auctioneer. If we can finish these last parts, we are going to call it for the whole camp on Friday night. We are just finishing the final verses and final dances. After that class it’s time for snack time. I grabbed some lemonade and walked out onto the dock. I sat there with Jake and Leo for awhile, when the procession got to morning gathering we followed.

At morning gathering we heard he 2nd part of the story but it turns out there is at least 3 parts to it. We did some dances and we sung some songs and then it was time for morning swim.

At morning swim I got a really good idea. I sat in one of the tubes, my legs were on the tube while my head was on the other side of the tube. I would lean my head back on the tube like a pillow. I could turn the tube any direction with my hands and could go faster by kicking my legs in the water. I could go really fast and I was comfortable and I couldn’t get could because my butt was always underwater.

After swim time it was time for lunch. The lunch was tomato soup and Mac and Cheese. Jake was a little late, I told Leo that Jake was going to run in when it was tomato soup. Jake came zooming in so fast. He poured himself a full bowl full and ate it in 5 minutes flat! He had about 4 bowls of it after asking for more from other tables. After that lunch it was quiet time. For quiet time I sat in my cabin with Jake. I took a little rest since I was tired.

After that it was time for our afternoon class. We are learning a dance in that class. We are getting really good at this one too. We are getting better at the last verse. After that class it’s afternoon swim time. After that it’s tea time. There We’re some tea bags that nobody knew the flavor of so they were called the mystery tea bags. I had one and it tasted so good. Jake had a lemon ginger tea and he loved it too. After that it was time for dinner.

After dinner I played some soccer and went with the procession to evening gathering. Last night was dress up night. The theme was outer space. Everyone in my family was a shooting star. We did some dances like that and sang some songs. Jake and I were really tired so we went to bed when the younger kids did. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about another fun day at camp!

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