How We Leave An RV Park

Today is a surprise It’s one of the multiples of 50 and every 50 days I plan on writing about how we do something in our RV or something close to that.

Today it’s about how we leave an RV park. There are more steps than you would think.

My dad has to take all of our bikes and put them on the top of the car and on the back of the car since there are 5 of them. He also has to drain all the tanks and put all of the water lines away that take all the water that we use out of the RV that goes underground. He has to unhook our electricity.

While he is doing that my mom has to take a wooden board and put it in our cabinet full of glass because my mom insists on not using plastic anything. We do that so when we open it nothing is leaning on the cabinet.

She has to screw something into the fridge doors so they won’t open and she also locks up the dishwasher. She will also clean the floors with the vacuum cleaner. Sometimes Caitlin does that but not always.

While she is doing that my sisters and mostly me are bringing stuff like our blender and my dads coffee machine and our Amazon Alexa to the back bedroom so they won’t slide off the counter. There is also a shelf that has to be tucked in but that takes 1 minute.

After everyone finishes their jobs my dad has to put the satellite antenna down. If you press a button about 3 minutes later it’s down. We also little feet that go down to level our RV, those have to come up too.

Then my mom and dad have to plan out a spot to connect the Jeep to the RV and then we hit the highway for our many hour trip.

That process takes about an hour no matter how hard we try. We’ve tried doing faster and rushing but 1 hour is the best time so far. That’s how we leave an RV park in a camper like this.

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