DAY 50- Camp Day 4

Yesterday as I’ve said was really a crazy day. I had some fun but definitely not the whole day.

It started in the morning where my sister at 6:00am came running into my cabin. I was still asleep and she walked up to me and tapped me until I woke up. I woke up very soon and was mad.

My plan yesterday was to sleep in. I was very tired from the day before. After I got woken up I walked to the bathroom and Caitlin started banging at the cabin door and woke Jake up. And after that she walked around to the side of our cabin and looked at us through the window. That’s how my crazy day started!

After that I decided to call my mom and tell her what was up and how to make it better. My mom and I are really alike and she knows how to help me in times like that.

I was really tired and my bones were aching from the natural parkour class and it was so hot in our cabin and outside. I think I’ve forgotten to mention this but it’s so humid at camp this year. It’s also very hot. So everything is hot and sticky.

To the conclusion of our conversation my mom said she would pick me up from camp for a few hours so I could sleep in air conditioning. There’s not one room in camp that has an air conditioner or is kinda cold.

So at around 11:30am after breakfast and my morning class my dad came and got me. We drove 1 hour home and on the way I took a nap. When I got home I took another nap and when I woke up I still rested in my bed.

After about 4 hours of resting my parents told me there was an awesome mini golf place next store and that they were only going to go if I was there. And I happened to be there!

We played a round of mini golf and then went to the visitor center. We are on cape cod and you can get a little pass at the visitors center to make thing cheaper around the island. When we were done with that wrote in my blog a little and then went back to camp. My parents walked to the kitchen with me where I was missing my job of table setting so I started with that with a lot of energy.

After dinner Jake and I walked out onto the dock and got the most awesome pictures! I would share them but the WiFi here is really bad. There is 1 little hut that has WiFi and it can barely power google. It would take at least 25 minutes for 1 picture. After that we had evening gathering and evening dance then we went to bed. You would think I would be hard to sleep after napping for that long but I went right to sleep.

Stay tuned to hear about a full day tomorrow and whatever come my way. Yesterday was lucky day 50 and I got to see my parents during a sleep away camp. I guess yesterday really was lucky.

2 thoughts on “DAY 50- Camp Day 4

  1. Great writing as always Luke. Glad you are rested and feeling better. Hope your fun adventures with Jake continue to be enjoyably for the rest of the week at camp. I’m so excited to read about it. Love you, Aunt Liz


  2. Hey Luke
    Another amazing day. Off camp grounds for a few hours to relax and recoup. Allows waiting for the next blog!!
    Miss Carol


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