DAY 49- Camp Day 3

Yesterday was my first full day at camp. It was really a lot of fun but tiring. On a usual day my Fitbit will track my steps at about 14-17 thousand. Yesterday on day 1 of camp I got 37 thousand which is 3 thousand from my record. It just goes to show how much I did yesterday. I did a lot but had a lot of fun!

Pinewoods is the name of the camp. The reason it’s called pinewoods is because you are surrounded by pine trees. The camp always has a good smell and everything just looks so nice. And to top all of the nice trees, all the people are nice. Everyone is cracking jokes and everyone gets along really well. There’s always something fun happening at pinewoods. There is always a fun class to take or a song to join or band to play in. It’s really a lot of fun!

We met our friend Leo in our cabin when he came over at 6:45. After a little while we grabbed his soccer ball and went down to the dining hall where they have a decent field. We played soccer there until we couldn’t. Everyone joined in and we had a good game going until breakfast was ready. I was definitely hungry it was a good time to stop. We ate some breakfast and went to our morning class.

At pinewoods anybody 18 or under has to go to 2 classes. Somebody at camp runs 1 or 2 of them and somebody else runs a few of them. Everybody just pitches in. There every day in the morning and at night. My group is the 10-12 group so Leo who is 10 Jake who is 12 and me who is 11 are all in the same group. We’re learning some dances in our classes and we are making something to hold while doing them. It’s all pretty fun.

After that we did morning gathering. Which is the whole camp coming together to sang some songs and make some announcements. After morning gathering the lifeguards are always at the dock so kids can swim without and adult if your 10 or older so that works out for me. There is a swim test you have pass which is not hard for me. But Sydney who is 6 Passed it 1st try. She is the only person in the 5-7 group that passed it. That was really an awesome experience. We all went swimming a little and then went to lunch.

After lunch Jake, Leo and I did like a natural parkour class. We learned how to break your fall better how to do some vaults over logs and how to jump farther. It was really a cool class. We did some shoulder rolls backwards and forwards. The person running it could jump off the top step land it into a roll. It really looks awesome the way he does it. I did one little roll and rolled right over a rock. It really hurt my back and today my back is really hurting right where the rock was. At the end of the class Jake and Leo were really good at the jump and roll I didn’t really try because I don’t like flipping upside down and I just rolled on a rock.

After that we went to our afternoon class. We learned a new dance in that class. Or at least we’re learning it. After that it was time for afternoon swim. Jake, Leo and I were the first in the lake and I was the first on the raft. Not like we were racing because then my cousin would go there and back before I got there. I’m not the fastest swimmer and he was on a swim team and is really good at swimming.

After swim time I got a cup of tea at tea time. We walked back to our cabin and changed. After that it was time to do our dinner setting job. Everyone has a job at camp and all of our jobs are dinner setters. We got there and did that and ate dinner. Dinner was very special that night. When we checked what they were serving it was fried catfish. I’ve never tried catfish but it is really good I figured out. For desert it was cram brûlée. I’ve never had that either but that was too sweet for me so I only had a few bites.

After that we had evening gathering. We heard a couple jokes and sang couple songs. After that we went to the evening dances and on the way there we saw a skunk. I e never seen a skunk so it was awesome to see one. We saw it and it turned around so we ran. After the dances we both went to bed. It was really a fun day but Jake and I were exhausted.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about my crazy day today. It was really a crazy day I can’t explain it in a few sentences. And I am shortening my blog for camp because it took me a couple of hours too write this.

2 thoughts on “DAY 49- Camp Day 3

  1. I think the dessert is called crème brûlée (crème is just French for cream), but cram brûlée is correct when you cram the whole thing into your mouth. 🙂


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