DAY 48- Pinewoods Camp Day 2

Yesterday was my first day of camp. There is my favorite camp for a few reasons. I’ve really had some great memories in this camp that neither me nor my cousin could ever forget. A few weeks ago I was with my cousin Jake in Vermont. Jake has been coming with me to this camp for quite awhile. It’s a thing my aunt does where she brought me to camp and I loved it. So the next year she brought Jake and the year after that she brought my sister Caitlin and 2 years later she brought my sister Sydney and this is her second year. Camp is really the highlight of my summer. With the RV trip it’s not as much but we all still love it. I’m now rewinding to this morning.

Yesterday morning was really a lot of fun. We didn’t do anything fun except for leave the RV dealership. It was pretty awesome to see that dealership go, it’s not real for full time living but for repairs. We left and had a little ways to go. It took us a little to long to leave so we missed the main check in time. Check goes from 3:00pm to whenever the last person shows up. There are some people that drive in from Canada and states pretty far away. This camp is in Massachusetts. When we got close to where we were going we pulled over. The way to camp has a few very narrow dirt roads towards the entrance. The RV doesn’t stand a chance but the Jeep is good at off roading so we decided to not take the hole big RV in. We unattached the Jeep and we all got in that. All of our stuff fit and so did we so we left our RV on the side of the road and 7 minutes later we were at camp.

My aunt and my cousin were waiting for us at the entrance so they could check us in. We got in and I had to just walk around the camp and refresh my brain where everything was. The cabin Jake and I are in is the one that we were in 4 years ago. We and a great adventure in that cabin, we had to climb out the window at 2:00am. I’ll get into that a little later. We unpacked our bags and got everything out. After that we had to go help set dinner. Everyone at this camp has a job so it’s easier for all of the staff. Our job is dinner setting so we get there 30 minutes early to do that. We did that ate some dinner and found some friends around camp. 

Now to the story about Jake and I when we climbed out the window. I woke up in the middle of the night and since you have no bathrooms in your cabin where you sleep you have to walk there. They have bathrooms you can walk too that are pretty close. So I go to open up the door and it won’t budge. The door wouldn’t open, we jammed some sticks at it because we saw someone locked it from the outside. I then woke up Jake and told him our problem. He tried to but nothing would work. He then told me we had to climb out the window. He opened the window and we climbed out it at 2:00am. We landed on some leaves so they crunched really loud and it scared me a little. I had to go to the bathroom really badly so I zoomed up to the bathroom and went. I was pretty scared by the whole thing since I was only 7. That was really a fun year at camp because for the rest of the week it was a trend to climb out the window. Everyone was doing it! That’s the end of today’s story and if I have any other memories I will tell them in future days. Now back to the day. 

After dinner we went to evening gathering. We do a morning gathering and an evening gathering every day. We explained some rules and what to do in an emergency and then we all sang some songs and cracked some jokes. This camp is a singing and dancing camp but it has a lot of other fin stuff too. After that we did some dancing at the big stage that we call C#. After that Jake and I went back to sour cabin and went there bed with Caitlin. You can only do those extra dances if you are 9 or older so Caitlin just made it after waiting 3 years and Sydney didn’t do she went to bed earlier. 

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about a full day of camp today. I will also make it my goal to write 1 great memory a day.

One thought on “DAY 48- Pinewoods Camp Day 2

  1. You had to climb out the window….I thought you were going to say you broke your leg or arm and missed camp. You made it an adventure & continued just for fun. Looking forward to hearing about your next camp adventure!!


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