DAY 48- First day of camp!

Today is going to be an awesome day as we are on our way to sleep away camp. About half my comments on the last days were if I was going to write during camp. My answer to that is yes. First of all I’m on a 47 day streak so I’m not breaking that and if anyone doesn’t know I wake up early every morning. I’m up at 6:30 just doing whatever. So in the morning I have something to do.

Yesterday was another day at the repair shop. My mom had calls till 1:00pm so we all stayed home for a little. I was on and off talking to my cousin for 7 hours. 7:00am to 2:00pm. That kept me occupied for awhile. After that my mom and dad figured out there was a science museum near by which was really the highlight of the day even though we were only there for 3 hours.

When we arrived I was pretty excited, my sisters on the other hand weren’t excited at all. When we arrived we went up this really long escalator. It was so much fun, I love escalators! When we checked in there was a room right next to it that had a really cool water thing. You would place a ball in a tube it would float down it onto a hose that was shooting water up, the ball would hit the water going up and would get pulled up. It would take another tube and float onto a bucket full of water where it would then go down a whirlpool into water and shoot out back at the beginning where you could put it in again. We went up to the next floor where we found a sports area.

The big thing I was into was a little race. There was a hand peddle and a foot petal. One person would use the foot pedal while the other used the hand pedal. You would race Andy it would show who won. As you picked up fruit while peddling it would make it easier. The record there was 16.o6 seconds and knowing me I wanted to break it. It was probably set by an adult because my mom goes to yoga everyday and used to work out every day and she could only get 16.40. Which is a great time just doesn’t beat the record. My dad got a 16.90. Surprisingly I got a score of 17.10 seconds which I thought was really Impressive. I also found another thing that let you get better and a few sports things. You picked which one and it would give you tips. I picked far jump and actually improved a little. Our last floor was spaceI’m not going to get into this one too much because I didn’t really enjoy this one all too much. There was one cool thing that you could look at that showed you around our Milky Way and I got to learn a little about black holes and what the black hole in our universe looks like. I also watched something about the rocket that landed on moon. That was a really cool video. At the end everyone was so happy went and all had a good time.

After that we went to target ate some dinner and got ready for bed. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about my first day of camp. This is by far my favorite camp it’s also my sixth year going to this camp.

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