DAY 47- Quick stop in CT to fix the rig

Yesterday was our second day on the road in a row. We have not done that yet but our RV needed some repairs so we are doing it while we are in town. The one problem with being at the RV repair store for a few days is that I have nothing to do. It’s just a big parking lot for RVs so there’s no park or field. Lucky for me when we leave I’m going right to sleep away camp. I’m really excited for that. I get more into sleep away camp when it comes.

Yesterday as I’ve said was a moving day. It was about a 2 hour drive. That was our shortest drive yet. We were heading to our RV dealership to get our RV fixed up a little. One of our air conditioners is not working and need something added. It’s nothing too big. We have 3 air conditioning units on our RV, I’ve haven’t mentioned this yet but my mom named our RV “Faith”, a leap of faith she calls it. Don’t really know where she came up with that but we’re going with it.

We got a little more than half way there and we had to stop at a truck stop to make some lunch. I had some chili and my sisters had a bagel. My dad went to the bathroom and we were back on the road. The last hour went fast. My mom didn’t want to sit up front so we each got a 20 minute shift. When I’m up front I usually wrote in my blog. Otherwise I’ll grab a pillow and put out the recliner on the passenger seat. Who knew RVs have recliners! When we arrived my mom and dad set up a dinner with the parts manager of the place. They met home while buying the RV and they all get along really well. They have 4 kids but 2 if them were away so he and his fiancée with there 2 kids came out to dinner with us.

We all agreed we would find a place on west Hartford. When we arrived we went into the Cheesecake Factory. We haven’t eaten at the Cheesecake Factory in years. It wasn’t pretty fun. My sisters were around the age of the girl there I was 4 years older than the boy. We ate dinner and then checked the dessert menu. We looked under cheesecake. There was at least 20 options. It was so crazy. On the other side of the menu it wasn’t titled desserts and cheesecakes. There was at least 5 different types of cheesecakes on the other side too. It was really crazy.

We left and happily came home after. It was a tiring day and was 10:00 by the time we got home. So we all went to bed. Stay tomorrow to hear about today’s museum we went too.

2 thoughts on “DAY 47- Quick stop in CT to fix the rig

  1. I am so excited for you that you will get to spend time with Jake. I am also happy to tell you that I will be in Vt when you come for the men’s golf. Seems like I haven’t seen you in ages. I really enjoy your blog and look forward to it every day. Guess you probably will take a break from it while you are at camp. After all it is like your vacation and also your blog is about your travels and you won’t exactly be traveling at this time.Love to you and Caitlin and Sydney.


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