DAY 46- move day shenanigans

We have never had 2 move days in a row but as I mentioned yesterday we moved and right now as a write we’re moving. I have a sleep away camp coming up and we have a lot of problems with our RV. So we had to move fast, we took a quick 1 night rest at this nice looking campground. It looks nice but has nothing. There’s one little rundown pool and that’s it. Anyway to the fun yesterday.

We left early on the morning so we could get there pretty early. We left by 10:00 which was really early for us to prep the RV and leave. When we got on the road it was smooth sailing. Even though pizza is not all too good for you, it’s a really easy place to eat while we’re on the road. We stopped at a truck stop that had a pizza place and ate some pizza. It’s really nice because usually in a car ride you have to find a place to stop when you have to go to the bathroom. In an RV you don’t have to. You just use the bathroom while we’re moving. It keeps up on the road for longer times.

I’m already feeling better so I had a lot of fun yesterday. When we arrived we got the RVs slides out and got it ready to sleep in and then went into the pool. Everyone but me thought the pool was freezing which was kinda strange since it’s usually the opposite. Everyone left because they were cold so I left too. There is a gigantic hill between our RV and the pool. It’s absolutely huge! I hate walking up it but on the way down from the pool is awesome.

After that we were all tired and wanted to save some energy for moving again the next day. We had dinner and hang out around the RV. I talked to a friend and a cousin for awhile then went to bed. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about our little 2 hour drive today.

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