DAY 45- Chill last day at the RV park

Yesterday was our last day in that campground. I was not to sad to leave because as the week proceeds more fun stuff is coming. On Saturday I have a sleep away camp with my aunt my cousin and my sisters. It’s an awesome camp in Massachusetts. It’s also my parents anniversary week that same week so they get to do whatever they want while we’re gone. After that they pick us up and we get to see our friends who live 45 minutes away. These are really close friends that moved away when I was around 7. We visit them every year for about 1-3 days and this year we’re spending a week. I’m really excited. Now to yesterday’s fun!

When I say yesterday’s fun I mean like campground fun. And as I said yesterday, this campground isn’t all too kid friendly. They have 2 pools and a park. The park really isn’t anything too cool anyway. What kept me occupied all day was the fact that I had a sore throat. Since my mom is a health coach I’m usually feeling better by the end of the day so I just stuck around the RV. I drank tea and my mom made me some soup for lunch and dinner. Her chicken soup is so good and really helps me. The one thing that’s bad about it is it never fills me so I eat many bowls of it and we run out.

Everyone but my mom and I went to the pool. She was on a phone call and I didn’t have the energy to go. So I called up a friend and talked for awhile. What was really hard was when everyone was roasting Marshmallows and I couldn’t. So I called up my cousin and talked to him for awhile. By doing this I saved myself the edge to eat a marshmallow and saved myself from a few mosquito bites too. After that everyone went to bed and I watched a Hilarious movie with my mom. It’s called cheaper by the dozen 2. It was really comedy everything was so funny. By the time I went to bed I was already feeling better. I also look forward to some more fun days as we approach the week of fun coming up at sleep away camp.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about our 5 hour drive. I’m also feeling better so I can expect to do more awesome stuff.

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