DAY 44- Chill day

Yesterday was one of those days where we did nothing. We had some fun around the campground. Most campgrounds have quite a lot of fun things to do. This one doesn’t really though. It’s mostly for people wanting to go to Niagara Falls. Surprisingly my parents also agreed to stick around the campground today too.

My mom had a few calls in the morning, while she was on her calls my sisters went to the playground and I talked to my cousin and rested up in my cozy bed. After my mom was off her calls and ate lunch we went to the pool. There’s a catch though, the south pool the one we were going to closes from 2 till 3 so we went to the north pool since it was 2:30. We then figured out the north pool closes from 3:00 to 4:00. We went to the north pool and after about 25 minutes we got out and changed pools. I just thought that was pretty funny. When we were done with the pool everyone went outside and had a little campfire and played some games.

Unfortunately I didn’t write on my blog yet so I did that then. I came out after and played a game of corn hole with my dad. It was really the craziest game I’ve ever played. To anyone that understands the rules he got set back to eleven four times which never happens.

After that I watched some tv with my mom in her bed before I went through bed. We watched some Tom and Jerry. That is my favorite cartoon. After that I went to bed. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about another day at the campground.

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