DAY 43- Niagara Falls fun!

Today was one of my favorite types of days. The break days! I just love hanging around the campground and doing nothing. Yesterday was definitely a fun day though. We went to Niagara Falls from the New York side and went on a boat called the maid of the mist. It brings you right into the falls.

At the beginning of the day we were almost sure we were gonna go on the boat. We were thinking about going to a place called goat island which is right near the falls but we ended up going on the boat. My mom had a call in the morning so I did whatever for the morning and at around 12:30 we ate lunch and hit the pool really fast. After that we went to the falls.

When we arrived there we figured out you have to go down a big elevator and if you look over the edge at the falls it looks beautiful but if you look over the edge at the ground it actually gave me a little sea sickness, or whatever you call it. My mom actually got it too so she knew how I felt. All I knew is that I was really high up! We went down the elevator and got to the boat. Since it was a Sunday and everyone was traveling home there was no line. We made the first boat. Which I though was pretty lucky since that line can get very long and there is only 2 boats.

At first when we got on I’ll be honest I was pretty nervous. This boat’s got really far into the horseshoe falls. So let me explain how this boat works. It starts by going by the straight falls really slow so people can picture and get super soaked. Next it brings us right into horseshoe falls where there is a torrential rain storm at all times. It turns around and comes back. It sounds pretty simple but as I’ve said a few times it goes in very far. They give you a plastic jacket to put around yourself so you don’t get absolutely soaked. But I have fur on the inside of my crocs so there still soaked from yesterday. When the boat ride got to the first waterfall I calmed down. Next we went into horseshoe falls and got soaked. It was so much fun though, it was definitely worth it.

After that my we went climbing up some steps right next to the falls. We got even more soaked there. My mom and Sydney could only climb so high without having to stop because they didn’t wanna get more wet. Caitlin my dad and I went to the top where we got soaked. It so much fun though.

After that we went home and had a little campfire and went to bed. It was an awesome day so we were all tired. Stay tuned to hear about our awesome day at the campground. Here are a bunch of pictures from our day.

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