DAY 42- Crossed border to Canada!

Thank you everyone for 100 followers. Everyday I check how many followers I have and it slowly goes up. It’s awesome that I now have 101 people following me. Yesterday was a fun day at Niagara Falls. It was also most of our first time in Canada and my second time leaving the USA. (I’ve been to Jamaica)

We didn’t really spend the whole day in Niagara Falls. We were at the RV for the beginning of the day. We really didn’t do anything in the morning. I talked with my cousin for hours while my mom had a few calls. My sisters did whatever down in Sydney’s bed for awhile. When we finally left it was about 1:00

Crossing the border was actually pretty fun. The guy asked us all of these questions about why we crossed the border. He asked us why we crossed the border. We said Niagara Falls. He asked if we were returning tonight and we said yes. He asked us if we came all the way from Florida to see this. My dad said it’s an extended vacation and he let us through. The reason he said Florida was because our mailing address is in Florida. Luckily with our answers we were one step closer to Niagara Falls. 

When we first got to Niagara Falls we saw the straight waterfall. When I saw the horseshoe falls it was awesome. Horseshoe falls explains itself. It is a waterfall shaped like a horseshoe. It is really beautiful! Since we were on the Canada side we had an awesome view. Everyone agrees Canada has the better view. Even though today we saw the New York and I thought it was awesome. That’s a whole other story for tomorrow. After we checked out the falls we went out to eat. It was definitely an awesome place and we got some awesome coins from Canada. After that we crossed the border again and this guy was a little more serious. We answered his questions and he let us through. 

When we got back to the camper it was about 9:30pm it was a relief to finally be home. I went to bed soon after. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about a boat ride I went on that brought us into the falls. This is a picture I got yesterday of the falls. That boat in the picture is the one I went on today.

4 thoughts on “DAY 42- Crossed border to Canada!

  1. Awesome day. We just had to cross a border into Croatia and it was a little nerve racking. Great picture with the rainbow too! Congrats on your followers. I bet you will get more as your trip goes on. Love you.


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