Day 41- 7hr ride to Niagara Falls campground

Yesterday was definitely a fun day. We had an awesome day but had a lot of traveling. I think I mentioned it yesterday but we had a 7 hour drive plus whatever stops we made. It was so long it took up the whole day. We left by 10:30am and arrived at 7:05pm. It was crazy. 

We started our day knowing that we had to leave as early as possible. It takes us 1 hour from the time we start getting ready to the time we’re leaving. 

Since the first day we left to now we have really gotten good at packing up to leave. 
Nothing moves around and no draws randomly open while we are driving. The 1 thing about traveling all day is that what I write about is limited. When we got on the road we were all pretty sad to leave our other campground, The North Pole Resort, but we saw Niagara Falls today and it changed our mind. It was definitely a long ride and I could feel it. 

Our first stop was for lunch at a pizza place. The reason I’m mentioning this is because when we were in there I was talking to the guy making our pizza and he said he used to live in Huntington on Long Island. He worked at a pizza shop I went to all the time. I thought that was cool. 

Our next stop was at a truck stop to get gas 2 hours from our destination. The rest of the ride I was talking with friends and cousins. It really made time fly by. 

When we arrived we were happy with the campground. We got to pick between 6 sites and we picked a good one on the corner. We are staying here for a few days. 
Caitlin and Sydney quickly ran to the park while I still was talking. There is a lake right in the middle of the campground with a little island on it. It looks pretty cool. 

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about Niagara Falls and see a few beautiful pictures. Even though we had a long trip I enjoyed the day knowing I’ll see Niagara Falls the next day.

5 thoughts on “Day 41- 7hr ride to Niagara Falls campground

  1. Go Luke! I love reading your posts – you are a great writer! Which Huntington pizza shop did he work at? Rosa’s oooor Little Vincent’s?! I hope you are enjoying your adventure.


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