Day 40- Last day in Lake Placid

Yesterday was our last full day in the campground. We were all tired from a long week so my dad got this awesome idea to do nothing. I’m always in on the idea of having fun at the campground.

But as I mentioned yesterday 1 bad thing about that is that there is nothing too interesting to write. My mom was working a lot yesterday but we had fun around the campground. I’ve learned at the campground there is always at least one kid at the playground at any one time.

One of the kids there was Caitlin and Sydney’s friend. As soon as breakfast was over they went racing to the playground. What’s good about our site is that we are right next to the playground and pool and closest to the mini golf. We are site 4. My mom went out to yoga and then came back and took a call. I love just laying up in my bed so I did that for awhile.

I don’t know what I like about it it’s just something about sleeping at 10:00am that I love. I’ve always thought about it but I’m not even tired, I just love it!

Anyway, my sisters came in soon after and we turned on a movie. My dad was watching the blues brothers. I’ve never heard of or watched that movie but it was funny. It was probably not for my age group though.

After that we all went to the pool. My mom said she was going to come but she didn’t since she got all caught up with work. We still played in the pool for a fun amount of time and then my sisters went back to the playground in their bathing suits. I played a round of mini golf with my dad at the mini golf they have at the campground. He beat me by 3 strokes. We went back after and ate some dinner. That’s really how fast my day went, already dinner.

When Caitlin and Sydney came back my mom was questioning why they were still in there bathing suit at 7pm. My dad said he wasn’t expecting them to be at the playground for 4 hours. That talk was pretty funny in my opinion.

After that we went outside and had a campfire with our neighbors. They were from Canada and they had to go back home the next day so they gave us all of there wood. We had a great time with them last night. Knowing me who likes to wake up early and go to bed early I was already leaving and in bed at 9:30pm while everyone else went to bed after I went to bed.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about our 7 hour trip to a campground nearby Niagara Falls.

We are actually on the trip as I write. It’s a nice way to burn by some time for 7 hours.

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2 thoughts on “Day 40- Last day in Lake Placid

  1. Blues Brothers is and awesome movie for all age groups. I am looking forward to some Niagara falls facts. Please don’t let me down.


  2. Your sisters in their wet bathing suits all day oh my. Well Mother’s are always worry about you catching a cold
    Next stop Niagara Falls…wow!!


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