DAY 39- Tupperlake!

Today is our last day at our campground in Lake Placid. Oddly enough I’m pretty happy. Our next stop is Niagara Falls! I’ve always wanted to see Niagara Falls so I’m excited. Yesterday was a pretty fun day. What I’ve been learning is going on hikes or walking around too much really gets my legs tired. We did a lot of walking yesterday.

My mom went to yoga in the morning at a place she found in Lake Placid. She got home by around 11:00am and we were already prepping to leave to go to the wild center in Tupper Lake. We had to think about if we were gonna go because it said it was supposed to rain most of the day. This place we were going to was mostly an outdoor place. My mom found out there was a porcupine show that day in 1 hour. When we checked how long it took to get there it said 1 hour. 1 hour later we arrived, and luckily we caught the best part of the show. He was doing a Q and A. The porcupine was on a little table and we were allowed to walk up and see him since the show was over and there wasn’t too many people since the show was over. His name was Spike. We learned a lot of cool things about porcupines. Nobody in my family had ever seen a porcupine. In my opinion it was really cool.

Next we went outside to do what my dad really came here for. There is a cool thing up in the trees you walk around on. It’s a bunch of platforms with awesome rigidity bridges that connect them. They had a huge spiderweb like a trampoline you could jump on. For younger kids it was hard not to fall because of all the little holes in the spiderweb. There was also a huge birds nest you could climb in and see the mountains. In 1 platform there was a game you could play about a squirrel. We went back inside the wild center all happy the rain held out.

Next we went inside and went to their otter exhibit. That is the only thing to do inside. We checked out some really cool stuff. I had a few favorite parts about it. My first was that there was a huge icicle you could touch. If you left your finger on it long enough it would melt a print of your finger right into it. I actually made a pretty big one. Another thing I liked was there was a little spot under a table you could climb under and pop your head up and see all of the otters. They were resting right there next to the glass. When we went outside to leave we noticed it had just recently down poured. We had just missed it going in and coming out. We were so happy. After a 1 hour drive home we were all tired. We drove home and made a fire soon after we went to bed.

Yesterday was an awesome day but also pretty tiring. Today was also a great day even though we did nothing but stay at the campground. I love doing that. One problem with that is that I have little to write about the next day. You can still hear tomorrow what we did today. It was still fun.

Here’s Spike.

4 thoughts on “DAY 39- Tupperlake!

  1. I saw a porcupine right across the street from the Green Mountain Sugar House a few years ago. I thought it was a rock at first. 🙂


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