Day 37- Adirondack wildlife refuge

Today is Tuesday my mom’s work day. We really don’t do too much except for hang around the campground. Luckily for us it’s an awesome kid friendly campground. There are so many fun things to do around the park. It’s located about 20 minutes from lake Placid.

Yesterday when was our first real day at the North Pole campground. It was definitely a lot of fun. Sadly our friends were leaving that day, luckily the night before we partied with them till 11:00pm.

We stayed back at the park for awhile and made some friends. The park is so much fun. There is a huge tracker with huge wheels that you can climb on to get on the roof of it. There is a scooper you can sit in and move the levers to pick up and drop sand. And my favorite the airplane. You can climb up on top of it in many ways. All the ways are pretty hard though. You can climb up the slide and stand up on it, That is probably the hardest way. There is a little spot on the side of it that sticks out that you can climb on to get up. The easiest way is to climb onto the hood and jump up from there. I’m always up there it’s so much fun. They also have 5 swings there that are in awesome conditions.

It’s doesn’t just have a good playground but it has an awesome campground. On the deck outside they have a mannequin named Noel. Whenever I walk in or out of the stairs Noel always scares me. It really cracks me up! In that store they have everything. They have stuffed animals they have door knobs they have gemstones they have little squishy toys. Anything you name they have. It is really an awesome store.

Yesterday we also went to the Adirondack wildlife refuge. There was a lot of really cool animals there. We got to see the coolest bald eagles. They also had 2 awesome black bears. We got to feed them a little snack of carrots and celery and even celery. I learned that bears can eat up to 20 pounds a day. We all really had a good time. I also got to see a tarantula for the first time. Those things really are creepy! To end it off we took about a 1 mile hike and went back home.

We had a little fire when we got home and then we all went to bed. Iut was really a fun day. I can’t wait to tell you about my day today. We got really lucky while buying something today. Stay tuned to hear about it tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Day 37- Adirondack wildlife refuge

  1. It really was a great day! That bald eagle was incredible to observe. You could see how intelligent he was by watching his look around and listen to what everyone was saying. Best ever!

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  2. My husband and his family spent many summers in Lake Placid I went there on my honeymoon. We always went to Ausable Chasm to do the rapids. Hope you get a chance to see it.


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