DAY 36- Surprise ferry ride on way to Lake Placid

Yesterday as I mentioned last night was so much fun. We did so much stuff that was so unexpected. I’m laughing just thinking about it. Yesterday was a moving day to a campground in lake Placid. Things got a little crazier than we all expected.

Everything was on schedule while leaving our other campground. We left by 10:30am and were ready for a 4 and a half hour trip. We locked up all of our cabinets and our fridge and started driving. When we were about one hour away it appeared that the next street the gps was taking us was Gordon’s landing which made my dad think we were getting on a ferry. We pulled up and figured out it was an 18 minute ferry from Vermont to New York.

My dad was surprised it would take us to a ferry. It apparently was the fastest route to lake Placid which is why it took us there. We were checking in to see if we even fit on the boat. She said we would have to pay the 63 feet fee. Which made our ferry ride about 65 dollars. We were all cracking up. On the ferry we stepped out of our RV and somebody on the crew asked if we wanted to learn about lake Chaplain, the lake we were on. We all said yes and she taught us some funny stuff but it was also fascinating.

Firstly, there were many battles on the lake many years ago. So if you go scuba diving there you can see a lot of wooden boats underwater, which was very interesting in my opinion. Next she said that there is an old folk tale that there is a sea monster in the lake. There is a type of fish in that lake that swim together and make it look like a sea monster with a wave. Somebody named it Champy, if you look it up you will find some pictures. I thought it was hilarious. By the time she was done teaching us about the lake it was time to dock so we got back in our RV.

I was very happy with the whole experience in the ferry. Soon after we got to our campground. It was very cool. There is an awesome playground that I will explain in more detail tomorrow. There are 2 pools, basketball courts and corn hole. We brought our own corn hole lucky enough. When we arrived our neighbors came out and we made friends with them. They had 2 girls both Caitlin’s age. My sisters got along with them very well. As I said I had so much fun last night. What we were doing was having an awesome campfire till 11:00pm which is really late for me. It was a lot of fun, I learned some stories that my dad told that I never knew. They had to leave the next day so we had as much fun as we could in one night.

Soon after that was over we all went to bed pretty fast. We were all tired after a long day with ferry rides and fire pits. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about an awesome day in the Adirondack wild life society. Here is a picture from the ferry.

4 thoughts on “DAY 36- Surprise ferry ride on way to Lake Placid

  1. ooh – war of 1812 – Battle of Plattsburgh, also called the Battle of Lake Champlain, (6–11 September 1814), battle during the War of 1812 that resulted in an important American victory on Lake Champlain that saved New York from possible British invasion via the Hudson River valley. We might be drinking more tea if we has lost that battle. Uncle Marty can probably tell you all about the war if you have any questions.

    That ferry looks a little rusty. Was it very full? how many cars?


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