DAY 35- Water slide fun and move day tomorrow

To anyone thinking it’s a little too late to post, it is! I’m having so much fun tonight I’m constantly forgetting to write in my blog. These past few days I’ve had some trouble finding a time I want to write. I just haven’t liked doing it lately, I’m trying to keep up with it as much as i can.

I’m currently on a 34 day streak which is what is keeping me motivated. And also the fact that I can share the crazy or funny or bad or good days with everyone and hear their comments and what they thought. Talking about good days I would say yesterday was one of them.

As normal we usually chill in the morning. I actually really enjoy doing that. I save all my energy for my fun later. I also came up with a fun idea for a game. Now I don’t know if this is allowed or not but since there was no RVs around us I would chip my golf ball into the fire pits near by. It actually worked out really well. I got out three balls and practiced my chipping. I then biked around and saw the water slide they had and the mini golf. I told my parents about the water slide and they were all in. It was 5 dollars to go on for 30 minutes. None of us actually stayed on for 30 minutes though.

When we got there it was just the matter of getting down it safely. After we learned how it went and hit a few bumps we got smart. Since there was just one other person there, there was basically no line. After a few runs my sister and I went down backwards and face first and all types of wacky things I also think weren’t allowed. I figured no one was gonna stop us so we kept on doing it.

Soon after we were done we all ate dinner. After that we got a good campfire going. We all sat around it and warmed up. I also loved watching all the mosquitoes fly into the fire. I don’t really like mosquitoes so to see them just fly into a fire was pretty funny.

Soon after we all went to bed to get ready for our moving trip the next day. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about our new campground, and what we all did today. It was definitely one of our more fun days.

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