DAY 34- Moving tabacle + welcome to New Hampshire

After yesterday’s crazy day, I have a lot to talk about. Yesterday was a very fun day. There were definitely ups and downs. We had to move but didn’t have a campground booked. There was a lot of last second planning. Have fun reading the craziness of the day.

We started our morning before we left by going to Jordan’s. That was by far the best breakfast place I’ve ever been in. All their food is delicious and the way he makes it is so cool. When I was done eating I sat and watched him make food for 20 minutes. When he makes pancakes he drops his ladle into the bucket and just taps it onto the grille and it is a perfect circle. I could watch it all morning. Whenever someone calls an order he stops what he is doing and memorizes it. It’s really a special thing to watch. Now to our craziness.

It all started the night before we left. Our neighbors came over. They are also full time RV’ers. They said that they traveled to Canada a few months ago. She said you can’t have any alcohol, fruits, vegetables, any weapons, produce, wood, meat or dairy products. My mom recently bought a lot of money’s worth of food which means last second we can’t go to Canada. We then had a few options for a campground.

Firstly we could spend some time with our friends that we hung out with a few days ago- The Oliver’s. When we asked them they said their kids were in New Hampshire with friends and the dad was busy part of the week. So that was no longer a fun option. My dad wanted to see Lake Placid and Niagara Falls, but my sisters and I have sleep away camp at the end of August in Massachusetts so we had to keep pace.

When we checked how long the ride was it was about an 8 hour drive which was too long. My dad booked a campsite in New Hampshire which was a 4 and a half hour drive. My mom was pretty sad to leave Acadia. I think we kinda all were, except for Sydney who was exhausted after hiking 3 miles.

When we arrived there it was basically just a motel and my mom was questioning it. But when we came to the back of the place it was a full on campground with a beautiful scene of mountains. It reminded us of Bob Ross’s paintings. Everyone (really my mom) was so happy. We were also in one of the furthest spots from the motel, with almost no RVs around us. Our day really ended up a good event though we are leaving this RV park tomorrow. Luckily we are heading to Lake Placid next.

Stay tuned for tomorrow to hear about our awesome day. We didn’t do too much today but we did do something pretty special you can hear about tomorrow. Here is the picture of our campsite view.

2 thoughts on “DAY 34- Moving tabacle + welcome to New Hampshire

  1. Beautiful view! Enjoy Lake Placid! By the way, whenever I start a new journey by car, the first song I play is “On The Road Again” by Willie Nelson. It reminds me that even when I have to take a detour unexpectedly, there are things I’ll see that I may never see again, so I may as well appreciate them while they’re mine. Enjoy every part of the journey, Luke and family, even the unexpected ones! 🙂


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