DAY 33- Figuring out when it’s a good time to write

I’m sorry, I have to keep this brief because I’m going to bed quite soon. We definitely had an awesome day. There also wasn’t so much time to write in my blog. And for those few hours that I had the chance to write, I didn’t feel like doing it. I’ve also recently figured out that I write better when I feel like writing.

Don’t worry too much, you didn’t miss much. Yesterday was not a very interesting day in the morning. My mom worked than I got my first hair cut since we hit the road and then we ran some errands. It was some stuff that I would try to make sound interesting but it was as boring as it gets. I’m talking like shoe shopping or clothes shopping.

We did go to Acadia one last time and drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain and Otter Point. That was pretty amazing.

Today was an awesome day so I will have a lot to write tomorrow.

This is my first and definitely not my last day missing out on my blog. My goal is to at least write something and get a 365 day streak. Which I’ve learned is not as easy as I can imagine. Stay tuned to hear way more interesting stuff tomorrow.





4 thoughts on “DAY 33- Figuring out when it’s a good time to write

  1. Luke, you will have days when writing is not fun but push through because we all want to know what you did…even if it was boring. Shoe
    👠 👡👢👞🥾🥿👟shopping is one of my favorite things to do!!



  2. “I write better when I feel like writing” Mm-hm! As a writer myself, I promise you’ll figure it out. You’ll discover which times of day work best, and you’ll learn that it’s always easier to write first and edit later, meaning you don’t have to know what you’re saying in the first draft. You just have to put it down in the computer (I almost said on paper), and then go back and read it and make it better in a second or third run-through.

    That said, DAILY blogging is hard! I mentioned this before, but I wrote a daily blog a few years ago, and it was soooooo much writing after a while, and so hard to keep it interesting. You can do it though!

    No, wait.

    I mean you WILL do it!

    Just think about the blog as you go through your day, and it’ll help you pay attention to what’s worth writing about. I think your goal of at least writing something every day is totally doable. Allow yourself to have maybe up to 7 one-paragraph days too. That way you will always have those super-short blog allowances as an emergency fund for your writing on your busiest days. You’re doing great so far though!



    1. Thanks, I’ve definitely found how hard writing everyday is. What keeps me motivated is all of the comments I’m getting. Sometimes I love writing and I write pretty funny things and some time it isn’t as interesting because I’m don’t feel like it. Whether it’s long or short though I will try to write everyday.

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