DAY 32- Hanging with the Oliver’s in Bar Harbor

Yesterday was a very fun day. We made some friends at a campground in Maine about a week ago. They live about 1 hour from where our new campground is, so they decided to meet us before we leave. Earlier in the day we didn’t really do too much, they didn’t meet us till 1:00pm.

When I say we didn’t really do anything in the morning, I actually mean it we did absolutely nothing. When they were arriving Caitlin and I biked to the front entrance to show them the way to our RV. Before we left to play mini golf I played some games with Ben. I met him at the mini golf in the other campground, he is 1 year younger than me. I played some corn hole with him and I played some chess. Soon after we left for mini golf. Since we had 9 people we split in to 2 groups. It was Caitlin, Sydney, their friend Adele, my mom and Ben and Adele’s mom. The other group was Ben, his dad, my dad and I.

When we arrived there we were happy to find that there were not too many people. We ended up playing the black beard course which is the harder one. They have played that course before but we played the night before so we had the advantage. We played the 18 holes at a pretty good speed there wasn’t that many people in front of us. We all got a few hole in ones. What I really like about the pirate cove course is that they give you a lot of chances for hole in ones. But they are definitely small chances. When we ended I won with a score of 41, my dad got a 44 and Ben and his dad tied with a 45.

There is a place in bar harbor that at low tide a sand pathway opens up to a little island. It is there for about 4 hours. We walked on it for awhile. We figured out that people stack rocks up as high as they can and leave them there. We decided to make a few of them, they were everywhere. We didn’t walk to the island but we walked around on it till 7:30 when we were tired. We all really had a blast, they left after that.

Stay tuned for our day today. We are trying to get to Otter Cliffs and Cadillac mountain. We are also meeting a bunch of other full time RV families for dinner at a local campground. She is a moderator for a big RV FB group we joined. You can learn more about it tomorrow. Here is a picture of the rock statue we made, there are other ones in the background.





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