DAY 31- Chill day + mini golf

We are now officially 1 month in. Except for the constant disagreements, we are settling in great. I’m getting used to having a big schedule. Back on Long Island I was the king of having a small schedule. I made everything as simple as could be. I like not really doing anything. In an RV staying home isn’t as fun as you could imagine. So I’ve been kinda liking going to Acadia almost every day, and having A big schedule.

Speaking of a big schedule, yesterday was the opposite. It was a chill type of day. It was so much fun though. Yesterday was my moms work day so we fit some stuff in without my mom. My dad, my sisters and I all went to the pool at around 10:30am till 12:00pm. After that we went shopping a little bit. My dad needed new shoes. While we were out there we also had to get more paper towels.

My dad had tried many stores to try and get new shoes. His sneakers are 13 years old and he still has them. Parts are constantly falling off and getting lost. We got to the store and one of the first shoes he spotted he ended up buying. He now has these nice blue sneakers. My dad wanted to check if he could get his hair cut while we were in the village. We got there and they had no availability until Thursday. We booked an appointment and walked back to the car in the hot sun. We bought the paper towels and left. We got home and waited for my mom to finish her calls. We then decided to go to an awesome pirate cove mini golf.

When we got there it looked packed. We figured out there was 2 mini golf 18 hole courses there. There was an easier one and a harder one. I wanted to play the harder one called the Blackbeard course. But we ended up playing the easier one the captains course, because luckily as long as the line was people really wanted to play the harder course. So we sailed along on the captains course. We finished it by 9:15pm, my dad and I tied with a score of 41.

We all went to bed when we got back. It was not a very tiring day but a bed feels nice after walking around all day. Today we are meeting friends that we met at a campground a few days ago. We are playing the mini golf at pirates cove again and doing a cool walk you will hear about tomorrow. Here is a picture I got yesterday at pirates cove.

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