DAY 30- Jordan’s for breakfast + Acadia “loop”

Yesterday was an awesome day. As you know we are currently exploring Acadia national park everyday. On Sunday we went hiking there, and yesterday we went around the Acadia loop. That was way more fun than I expected. At the beginning of the day we had to move campgrounds. It was really an awesome day.

Yesterday morning my dad planned to go out to breakfast at a place called Jordan’s. My mom wasn’t the biggest fan of all the food there but she came along and had some tea. We got there by 6:45am and that’s when we found out how active Maine is in the morning. There were so many people roaming around, and Jordan’s was almost full, we got one of the last tables available. We all ordered our foods and it came within 5 minutes. My mom asked how they did that, I was already sure it was a cheap place that premade the food. But then she said that the main chef owned the place and has been cooking at that grille for over 40 years. Not only that he memorized each order and made them very fast. My mom couldn’t believe it. That guy and his wife also own a gift shop next store.

When we were done eating my mom found a way to meet the main chef and owner named Jordan, and got us to take a picture with him. We also got to go back and watch him cook up close. That was very cool! We popped into his gift shop afterwards. We didn’t buy anything but he had some cool things in there.

We came back home and prepped the RV to move. It was only a 10 minute ride so it was nothing to interesting. I’m not gonna tell you too much about it because I have way cooler things to talk about. But when we got to the RV park my mom was a little disappointed. The RV park had nothing but a pool, and it had very few trees.

Soon later we left to go to Acadia, my mom really wanted to do the loop. At first I wasn’t to interested, our first stop was thunder hole so I decided to see what it was like. We got down to the rocks where it was and I was amazed. To anyone who doesn’t know, Thunder Hole is a spot in Acadia where water gets sucked into a little cave under a rock, and comes shooting out a few seconds later. It sounds like thunder. There were rocks all around it that you could climb on. I loved all the climbing because you could go anywhere while finding a path to navigate. When we left there our second and last stop for the day was Jordan pond.

We got down and it was as beautiful as everyone said. The part my sisters and I liked was all the rocks. You would jump from rock to rock until you got to the huge rock around the corner. The most fun part was you had many options of which rock to jump onto. And if you fell you would be in the water. I was the first one to the huge rock followed by Caitlin and Sydney who came soon after. There was a little rock behind the huge one and Caitlin jumped onto it. There was one little tiny rock you could step on to get back. Caitlin missed the jump and was up to her waist with water. That’s one of the reasons we went home.

After a long day everyone was tired, so my sisters and I went to bed while my mom got her hair colored by my dad. Today we are just going to get stuff done. Tuesday’s is my moms big work day. My dad, my sisters and I are going to go in the village and get some stuff done and then later all of us will go mini golfing. Here is the picture I got with Jordan, and the picture of all of us on the big rock.

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