DAY 29- First time in Acadia National Park

Today we are moving about 15 minutes to a new campground. The one we are in has no more space for the next few days we are here. Yesterday was a big adventure. It was so much fun and a little bit crazy- not to mention exhausting. We went hiking in Acadia!

We took a shuttle bus to the village first. We walked around Bar Harbor’s village. We picked up some lunch, and while my dad was looking for new shoes my sisters my mom and I went to a gem store and bought a few gems. Sydney got a cool rainbow gem from Germany. And I got an emerald. I’ve always wanted an emerald and I finally got one. We then took the shuttle to a spot right outside of the park. My dad said if we walked on a trail for 1 mile we’d find the visitor center. We ended up walking on that trail. We went higher and higher. The sights were beautiful, we got to the top of mountain and there was still no visitor center. We kept on hiking and skipping trying to find the visitor center. We wanted to go to a lake that was about half a mile away.

We got to the lake and took some pictures of it. With all the trees it wasn’t too visible to my eyes unfortunately. We kept on walking until we got back. We were all joking the way back to my dad. Is the visitor center here yet? Because he did say it was “around the corner”. It was pretty funny. For once I actually enjoyed hiking. When we got off the path my dad figured out the visitor center is where the bus dropped us off. We were then laughing harder. We filled up our water bottles, took some more pictures there and took a shuttle bus back to the village. We then took another bus from there back to our campground.

I got to go in the pool when we got back. I was very happy about that and I had a blast in the heated pool. The only problem was that when we got out we were cold. There was a nice breeze going and we came out of a heated pool. I dried off and biked back home fast. We skipped the magic show they had at the campground that night and all went to bed soon after.

Today my mom wants to do the loop around Acadia. It has a bunch of cool places to go. We also went out to breakfast this morning. We met someone very special there too, you can hear about this tomorrow. Here is a picture I got out on the trail.


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