DAY 28-Last day in Portland

Today we are driving about 3 minutes to Acadia national park. Our first national park! I’m very excited. We are expected to leave by 11:15am and stay there all day. I can’t wait! Usually I don’t like hikes and exhausting things, but I’m very excited about this.

Yesterday was our last day in the Portland campground. We had to leave by 11:00. I played a game of mini golf and came back for breakfast. We really didn’t do too much except for get everything ready to leave all morning. That is a long list of things. When we left we had a 3 and half hour trip to bar harbor which is on an island in the Atlantic Ocean which is where Acadia is located. It is a part of Maine.

We had a little argument about who gets to sit in the front while we were driving. I was so tired after that, I took about a 3 hour nap. I woke up and we were 15 minutes away from the campsite. It made it feel like a short trip. When we got to our RV site I figured out how nice it was. My dad had to get a premium site again because it has 50 amps of power. So we were off the side of a lake again. The sight is really nice.

Also what I then figured out is how many activities were here this week. There was one! I was pretty surprised, my mom said that the campground was probably just for people that wanted to see Acadia. We are going to Acadia today and either tomorrow or Tuesday. We went to the pool at 6:30pm last night and figured out it was a heated pool. It was nice and warm. I froze though, I wasn’t allowed to put my ear underwater because I recently got water in it and I had to put ear oil in it to stop the pain and get the water out. Luckily tonight we are going to try to go in again and I can swim underwater.

My dad started up another bonfire and we all roasted marshmallows. I’m also reading a cool book about the art of persuasion so I read that a little.

We finished up the bonfire 30 minutes after and we all went to bed. Yesterday wasn’t the most fun day but it definitely wasn’t bad. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about Acadia national park and our adventures in it.


8 thoughts on “DAY 28-Last day in Portland

  1. Wow Luke. You make everything sound so great. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Excited to hear about Acadia.


  2. I am always glad to read your posts! I have a suggestion: why don’t you make a schedule for sitting in the front seat, and rotate it, so that everyone know what to expect. That way you don’t have to fight about it. Do you think that would work?


    1. It’s awesome you commented, sadly I don’t think I’ll be at camp next year. We will be around Utah if plans go as planned next year. Though we still might make it and I hope too


      1. yeah I know but we’ll all be sending you well wishes from camp anyway and also, plans can always change so fingers crossed.


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