DAY 27- Visiting Portland ME

Today we are moving. Which makes today a special day. I’m always thinking about it, there are not that many families that have the opportunity to take an RV ride even for a week. We are doing it for a year. All the nice people we met yesterday are so thrilled to hear about are adventure. Yesterday was an awesome day, we did so many cool things.

Our day began at breakfast when my mom mentioned she wanted to go to Portland. It was about a 30 minute drive from us. We ended up leaving at around 11:30 to do it.

Before that I played some mini golf with my friend Ben. He was vacationing with his family at our RV park. We played 2 rounds of mini golf. I beat him in the first round and he beat me in the second. We both went home afterwards since I was leaving for Portland he was going back home.

When we first left we didn’t know what we were going to do. Then my mom figured out there was a ferry ride 14 times a day happening a mile from where we parked. There was no stopping her. Anyway I love the idea of a boat ride to an island for a few hours. We checked when the next boat was leaving and lucky enough it was leaving in 45 minutes. That’s when my mom figured out she was looking at times for Monday through Thursday. We went to Friday through Sunday and they were nearly identical. So we hopped on a boat and went to peaks island, a 17 minute ride.

The boat ride was so much fun, we went to the third deck and felt the breeze hit us. The weather has really been on our side lately up here in Maine, it is the perfect temperature. But with that breeze it was even better than perfect, if that’s possible. When we got to the island it was nice too. We were all a little tired so we decided to rent a golf cart but both places were sold out. Everyone went to the bathroom when we got off the ferry. We saw a sign saying it was the only public bathroom on the island which was true. We then went into the grocery store and there was no bathroom. Their motto there was “if we don’t have it you don’t need it”. I don’t know if they meant that for the bathroom though. We had to walk all the way back as Caitlin had to go to the bathroom again. We walked around for a little, and took the next ferry home which was 1 hour and 30 minutes after we got there.

We went food shopping for my mom back in Portland and then we went home. We ate dinner at Portland so that was handled. My dad and I played around at the mini golf back at the campground. Trying holes out around 4 times since no one was there. We got back and made a campfire. Most of us sat around while my mom slept. She was pretty tired from the day. Soon enough my sisters and I went to bed while my dad sat outside by himself.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about our moving adventures today. Those days where you make up what your doing is a lot of fun. Here is a picture my dad took on the way to peaks island when we were on the ferry.

4 thoughts on “DAY 27- Visiting Portland ME

  1. Wow, Peak’s Island. The last time I was there was 33 years ago. I remember biking around the island, going to very rocky beaches, and buying lobsters to cook from a man in a boat. Hope you had great Peak’s Island memories too.
    Fact about Peak’s- there used to be an amusement park there !


  2. I laughed out loud at the supermarket motto and no bathroom thing. Have a great time, all! By the way, I wrote a daily blog for a year, so keep up the good work! Really is an incredible thing to do!


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