DAY 26- Mini golf day

Yesterday was our first full day in the campground. It was an exciting day for sure. I had a lot of fun at the campground looking at all the places around. Near us there was a pool that spanned from 3ft deep to 9ft deep. I could barely stand in the shallow end. And then there was another pool that was all 3 feet and they had a hot tub for kids that was colder than the adults one.

Yesterday I woke up and decided to go mini golfing. There is a catch. You have to pay money to use the club and ball. You get it back when you return it. I don’t want to have to bring money and don’t like the plastic putters. I decided to get a ball and a putter and bike there.

Since that worked I basically live at the mini golf. It’s an awesome course with loop de loops and big giant turtles and a lot of broken bricks that lead to out of bounds. After about 25 rounds of mini golf I actually got a score of 37. This score surprised me big time, I got 4 hole in ones. I made a friend named Ben who loves playing golf. So him, his dad, my dad and I played together. My dad ended up winning with a 41.

Later we went to the pool. It was so much fun. The pool was pretty warm and we played a game of tag. It was more fun than expected. That’s when I figured out they had a hot tub for kids. My dad invited our friends to our bonfire that night. We had a small party till 10:00pm till we went to bed. We all roasted marshmallows and sat by the bonfire telling stories. It was pretty fun.

Today we moved a few hundred yards to a new site in the same campground. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about it. Also we are heading to Portland Maine today too. Hear about it tomorrow.

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