DAY 25-First time in Maine

As I mentioned in day 24, we moved to Powder Horn Campground in Maine. We got there pretty late, around 6:00pm. I didn’t get to see the whole campground last night, so I can’t tell you too much until tomorrow. But what I can tell you is that there is a mini golf with 18 holes. There is 6 pools and a lot of activities. Most of them don’t look like anything I’m too interested in.

When we were leaving yesterday it was a sight to see. We were getting our RV around a tree and into somebody else’s driveway. Back it out then go up a hill. While we were getting it around the tree and into the driveway there was a huge hill that looked which made it look like the RV was going to fall sideways. Some people walking saw what we were doing a watched with us. Getting out onto the road was fun too. My grandpa and my uncle went out to both sides of the roads and stopped traffic temporarily.

When we got to a gas station close by. There was a funny problem. A car had come by and parked 7 feet in front of the gas station exit and our RV couldn’t get out. We were in a town full of people so cars were coming by fast to make things harder. My mom ended up stopping car while my dad backed it out of the gas station.

When we were finally on the road things were going smooth. And they stayed smooth somehow. We really had no problems. Which really surprised me. Because when your driving your house it’s surprising when nothing opens or falls. We arrived and with a little difficulty finding our spot we were in. I played a game of Mini golf hoping to be fast but it was more fun than I expected. I had a slow group of people in front of me and some funny Canadian Kidd’s about 17 behind. There was one hole where the hole was on a hill and he couldn’t get it in. He was really good too. It was just kinda funny to watch. He couldn’t put it in then he couldn’t kick it in. Then he picked it up and yelled in 1. Which made me crack up. And the group in front of me tried to put it around the loop the loop and it hit the side and rolled onto a different hole. I finally finished and more fun playing mini golf than ever before. People are so funny at RV parks in so many ways.

Stay tuned for tomorrow to hear more about the campground and more. I also already played many games of mini golf and have had some funny moments you can hear tomorrow.

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