DAY 24- Last day in VT

Today was another fun day, we moved to Maine! We packed up and left at around 1:00pm. The ride went pretty smoothly. I will mention more details tomorrow. Anyway about yesterday.

Yesterday was overall a pretty fun day. I came down to breakfast where my grandpa was in the kitchen making waffles. He is a really good cook when it comes to breakfast. My dad yesterday was mainly doing stuff for work and getting the RV ready to leave. My aunt Annie got my sisters to go on a hike with her. They came back about 45 minutes later in the middle of my game of badminton with my dad. I actually ended up beating him in our only game. I won 26-24. They came back with all of these wild blackberries. They were hovering over me, trying to get me to get one of their red blackberry pies. When aunt Annie came by she told them the red ones were the ones that were not ripe and not to eat them, which gave me a little laugh. My dad ended up getting one of their pies that took 4 hours to make. He ended up not eating it anyway.

We decided to go mini golfing with aunt Annie, my dad and I. When we got there we figured out it was closed. We did play a game of corn hole while we were there, I ended up winning. When we got back we all ate cheese and crackers. Instead of a western movie blasting, my grandpa had a cool show about hammerhead sharks on. Of course it was still blasting. It was on for about an hour. I watched most of it.

We all ate dinner and then my sisters wanted to go in the lake with my aunt. They did that and got home at around 7:30. We all went to bed soon after. Our RV slides were in because the garbage man was coming in the morning, so it was a little cramped. I still slept fine though.

Stay tuned to hear about my awesome adventures in a new RV park tomorrow. What I’ve learned while living in an RV everyday is that every day is a special day in its own way!


One thought on “DAY 24- Last day in VT

  1. I love this: “every day is a special day in its own way!” Very true! And will still be true when you’re not living in an RV, and still true when you’re a grownup too.


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