DAY 23- Rainy VT day

Yesterday was unique day in its own way. It was definitely boring with the rain, but it was also exciting. The exciting part was to look outside every hour and see more and more rain. It rained 24 hours straight! It started at 10:00am yesterday and ended 10:00am today. It rained really hard it basically poured all night. I don’t really have to much to write about because of all the rain.

I came down to eat breakfast at my grandpas house at around 8:30 he told it was going to start raining. He told me at 9:30. He said to go swimming. When it started raining he was wondering why we didn’t go swimming. Everyone was joking around because he gave little notice to swim. Know one was expecting 24 hours of rain. We really didn’t do to much while it was raining. We watched western movies and went up to the RV.

Something hilarious that also happened yesterday that was unexpected. My aunt Annie learned a new song about a squid named sparky. She sung it with everyone and there was a part that you sing the lyrics, A great big slurping sound. And just as that pause started my grandpa farted really loud, it fit the time perfectly which cracked everyone up.

That’s it for my small day yesterday. Today has definitely been more fun. Stay tuned to hear about it tomorrow.

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