DAY 22 Bye cousin Jake + chill VT day

Today it’s supposed to rain. I also have nothing too interested planned, and Jake left yesterday. I will see what today brings to me. It could be anything!

Yesterday Jake left at around 1:30 so we tried to make the most out of the morning. We ate breakfast, and went out to the water trampoline. We played around there and made all of our new moves more interesting. My mom actually came along for about 15 minutes. She jumped off the balance beam with us. Jake and I had a plan to go to the rope swing later on because it was being used for around 5 hours the day before.

We went swimming in the lake for another 25 minutes and then went to the rope swing. At the rope swing there is a big ladder leaning against a tree where you would hold the rope and jump off. You would then swing out and let go to fall into the water. I was going to jump sideways and swing around, but unfortunately if I were to jump sideways I would slam my feet into old town boat. Somebody left a bunch of twigs and sticks in this boat called old town boat which is about 7 feet left of the rope swing. Jake lifted his legs enough and grabbed the rope high enough to get over it. I wasn’t tall enough. There was 1 run that I tried on the other side of the tree. I curved around the tree and was so surprised it worked I didn’t let go and was going right into old town boat, I lifted my legs and just cleared it. I raced around again and almost hit my feet on rocks by the shore. It was so scary but fun at the same time.

When we came back my aunt Annie wanted to bring my sisters to a quarry and then to a friend’s house who has a pond nearby. Jake had already left and my parents went out golfing so I went into my grandpa’s house and watched some tv with him. He loves watching western movies, whenever I go in there he is in his chair with the volume cranked watching he’s movies. Jake and I find it hilarious. When everyone came back we went swimming again and had dinner. We all went back to bed very soon after. All of us had a long day.

Please comment if there is anything you mainly enjoyed. Stay tuned for today’s exciting day.

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