DAY 21- Lake fun in VT

Already 3 weeks in, it’s going by fast. But as I mentioned a few times I’m also having so much fun. Especially with all the special days and adventures. Speaking of special, yesterday was a pretty special with awesome adventures.

I started the day with breakfast, then Jake, Caitlin, Sydney and I went to the trampoline in the water. Jake and I invented some awesome cool jumps and flips off the side of the slide on it. Jake is very adventurous, he would do anything. Me on the other hand take all notices of anything that might be dangerous. We did that till we all got cold and went back. Jake and I went swimming after that, we then got a great idea. Jake sat in a chair on a kayak I was rowing out onto the raft. We would drop the chair on the raft and do it again. We then had 2 chairs out on the raft. We chilled there for about 30 minutes. Whenever we got warm we would dip in the water.

My aunt Liz found a net and my sisters scooped up some worms to try and catch fish. She dropped a worm in the net and waited for the fish to come. At first I thought there was no way she was catching a fish, I came back 25 minutes later and everyone was screaming she caught a turtle. I couldn’t believe it till I saw it, but one way or another she had caught a turtle. Jake actually caught 4 fish and I caught 1 too. After that we let them all go back. Jake was a little bummed we couldn’t eat them.

We all went inside and ate some lunch. Later after, my aunt Annie had arrived. We all went swimming together. And later on my dad actually went in for the first time this week. We didn’t really do to much except for some more fishing till dinner. We ate dinner and prepped for more late night swimming. We had a blast swimming even though we were all only in for about 20 minutes. Everyone went to bed soon after.

Today I don’t really know what to expect. I haven’t really had anything crazy happen yet. But it’s only 2:00pm so there is still Many hours ahead of me today.

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