DAY 20- Golf day with cousin Jake

It has already been 20 days. It really doesn’t feel like it, I guess time fly’s when your having fun. Speaking of fun, I had a lot of fun yesterday. I played golf with my dad and Jake.

We left at around 9:20 to get to the place by 9:50. Our tee time was 10:10. We got out onto course and it was sunny, it was a sunny day all day long. When we got out there, there was a mix of people playing. The people in front of us was a bunch of old grandpas. And the people in front of them were seniors and really bad. The people behind us were 2 men, they could drive the ball 300 yards but it would take them 3 chips to get it 10 yards. Jake and I were cracking up. When we got to the 10th hole the grandpas in front of us stopped playing. That’s when we figured out that the group in front of us was also bad.

When we got done it was 3:15pm, we decided to eat lunch at the golf course. All 3 of us got the same burger. We left at around 3:50, we picked up propane for my grandpa and got home by 4:45. Yesterday was definitely a long day.

When we got back we ate dinner. We went out to the trampoline after and got back by 7:00pm. I then got a great idea to do late night swimming with my cousin since we were having a bonfire. We did that at around 9:15 pm. We did that for 30 minutes till I got a neck cramp. I then went to bed at around 10:15pm.

Stay tuned to hear about today. Today was ultimate fishing day. We caught a cool unexpected animal too. Here is picture from golf, the background is the second green.

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