DAY 19- More VT fun

I’m still in Vermont, and loving it. Today was very fun, I golfed with jake and my dad. Anyway that’s just a quick sliver of my day here more tomorrow. Anyway yesterday was just as fun.

When we’re in Vermont every morning from my RV I run down to the house my grandpa sleeps in with my cousin. Usually he is awake making breakfast, but yesterday he was fast asleep. Jake and I went back to the RV and waited 5 minutes till Jake got a text from his mom who also sleeps there that grandpa is awake. Which surprised us.

We went down there had some breakfast. After that we went into the lake. We decided to go to the trampoline later. When we got out we went to the rope swing a few hundred feet up the road. I went off the top step on the ladder for the first time. It was so much fun, we dropped both dropped from like 8 feet in the air while hanging from a rope.

When we got back we made this what I think is a hilarious video of badminton stereotypes. We then played some badminton and went back in the lake. Yesterday was definitely a fun day.

Stay tuned to hear about my day of golf. Today I’m also doing late night swimming so hear about that tomorrow.

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