DAY 18- VT Badmitton, lake swimming and more

Yesterday was a great a day! My cousin Jake made it to Vermont at around 2:30pm. When he got there it was raining, but as he likes adventures he decided to go in the lake so I came too.

Honestly going swimming in the rain was so much fun. Whenever you got to the raft and you got out, you weren’t cold because you were getting rained on. Overall that was a great idea. After that we played badminton again. I figured out Jake is actually pretty good at badminton. He is about two years older than me, but I practiced a lot. We played two matches. I won 1 he won the other one. We played it in a way that whenever the match was over we would race each other into the lake and swim for a few minutes than play again. We did that for awhile till dinner. For dinner we ate tacos. Everyone but Jake and I like tacos. Jake is the only one who I know that doesn’t like tacos in a shell. Of course I don’t like tacos either, somehow.

We ended up going back in the lake after dinner with one of the Clarksons. There is only one family that hasn’t left yet. We played with Billy. We mostly played king of the raft. We came out of the lake after and went back to the RV. We all wanted to have a sleep over so Jake came over. We all slept great and are having a great day today.

Stay tuned for today’s fun, tomorrow. I will also stay updated on the badminton score in games between Jake and I.

7 thoughts on “DAY 18- VT Badmitton, lake swimming and more

  1. Nice post Luke. What fun adventures. Can you tell me more about the Badminton Games? are you friends good a serving? Do you have long volleys? and how about the scenery? how big is the lake? many houses? other people swimming?


  2. great adventure….. swimming in the lake in the rain… now thats one to remember !! did the girls swim also ??? well done.


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