DAY 17- Fun on the lake

The Clarksons are slowly leaving one family at a time. One family left Sunday, one family left Monday, one family left yesterday, and the last are leaving today. Even though there leaving I’m still having a great time.

Yesterday my dad wasn’t piled up in work like the past days. He got to play with me later in the day. Earlier in the day he spent some time with my siblings and I out at the water trampoline. He rode us out there in a row boat and we had some fun. When I came back I got changed and waited in my RV to see a friend from school that was in the area.

When he got to my RV it was around 1:50pm. We decided to go in the lake first, with my sister Sydney who wanted to swim too. We also went out to the trampoline again. We played there and came back and played badminton for hours. I beat him every single match even though he came close in some games. He left at around 5:00pm. After that my dad played with me.

My dad is always the champion at badminton. He wins every year when we do a tournament. We played about 9 matched. I actually ended up winning in one of them, it was so close it went into extra points. The final score was 24-22. He beat me in the other 8 rounds, which I expected.

Later that night at around 8:00 I went down to the badminton court again to find about 7 kids playing badminton. I played with them till 8:45 then I went home. I got ready for bed and went to bed. Because of all of the badminton games I played, my back was all bent over with pain. Luckily it didn’t hurt when I woke up.

Stay tuned for tomorrow. Today my cousin is coming to Vermont which means family fun week officially begins.

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