DAY 16- VT with the Clarksons

As I mentioned yesterday my day was just as much fun as I planned. There definitely a few twists though. Those twists made the day better in its own unique way.

I started my morning normally. I had some breakfast I got in my bathing suit and went outside at around 10:00am to know one! Thats when I figured out that all of the Clarksons sleep in different houses than the one right of the lake. They rent different ones and drive there. Most of them were doing stuff all day. Except for one family that I played with. There is a boy that’s 13 years old and named Teddy. I was playing him in the badminton tournament later that day, so I decided to practice with him.

He was ranked number one seed in the tournament and somehow I was the number 4 even though I only play once a year. Anyway, we played 4 practice games. He won 15-3, 15-5, 15-6 and 15-1! I didn’t really have a chance. I also ended up going to the water trampoline on the lake a few houses down. With him and his sister who is Caitlin’s friend. My sisters came to. We were there for about 35 minutes and came back.

Most of the other families came back at around 5:00pm when Teddy and I had the real match. Not surprised, he beat me 15-4. Which meant he was in the final. My sister blew up a little plastic boat for babies. I got some genius idea to get a kayak oar and went in the boat. I must of went about 75 feet out to the neighbors raft in it and back. I’m just saying, it works perfectly, except for the fact that it had a hole. When I got back most of the kids went swimming, so I did to. We did that till about 7:30 when I went back to the RV.

I got back to the RV and went to bed at around 9:00pm. If you viewed this and enjoyed it, please leave a comment of what you liked I would greatly appreciate it. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s writing, I have some special plans today, but no spoilers so come back tomorrow.

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