DAY 15- VT here we come

These next few days are going to be so much fun! My dad grew up and every year he went to Vermont with the Clarksons . They were a family with 6 six kids when my dad was young. Now they all had kids and there are like 15 kids including us just playing in the lake of my grandparents house in Vermont and playing badminton.

Every year my family the Edden’s go on a 1 week vacation to Vermont with my grandparents. They have 2 houses off of lakes right next to each other. My dads 5 other siblings come up with their kids and we have what we call a family fun week. Now the Clarksons do the same thing 1 week earlier. My dad thought it would be fun to go up with the Clarksons 1 week early.

My dad was right! We had a blast yesterday even though I arrived at 2:00pm. We saw about 12 kids in the water when we arrived. We quickly made friends with all of them. We would throw the ball and catch it off the end of the dock. It was a diving catch into the water. After that we ate dinner and had a kids badminton tournament. We had to end it early due to daylight. We are continuing it today. I finished last night in the semifinals.

Stay tuned to hear about my fun days for the next 9 days. We are staying here till next Wednesday. Today I’m writing in my blog on the dock because it is sunny and nice out. So I look forward to another fun day.

4 thoughts on “DAY 15- VT here we come

  1. So jealous! 🙂 I have to wait until the end of August to be up there in Vermont. The older family members your dad’s age are my cousins, but my brother and his wife, me, and my sister go up the week before Labor Day each year. Have an incredibly happy time!!!


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