DAY 14- Lake George

Yesterday we went to Lake George. We got to see the Appalachian mountains too. I learned that they span 50 miles. We didn’t do as much as we would normally do because we were all a little tired and we were moving on Sunday.

I woke up yesterday, I had some breakfast and I went on a bike ride. What I was really looking forward to was the ninja run at 11:00am. I went over there and saw it early. There was first rings you had to go, next you had to over benches than you had to go over a balance beam and then army crawl under ropes. Next you had to go over a hay stack than go down a slip and slide. Everyone from all ages participated.

When I got there I was surprised how many people were there. There was a line of about 50 people! I was about 6th in line. The person running it said that a great time to beat was 30 seconds. I finished with 29 seconds Caitlin got 34 seconds and Sydney didn’t get timed. I actually ended up winning that. I was so surprised. There were kids that got 30 and 31 seconds but know one with 29.

About 30 minutes after, we went to lake George. We looked at the water there and walked close to the beach. The water there so very beautiful. Along with the mountain background it is perfect. My dad checked out a fort called fort William Henry. We looked around inside and left to go back to the RV.

When we got back it was about 5:30 we ate dinner and then Sydney asked if she could go to the pool. We all ended up going to the pool till it closed at 9:00 and went home. Sydney and I went on a late night walk.when we got back we all went to bed.

My day went well with a lot of tiring things. Today we are moving to Vermont which is very awesome but is full of surprises. Stay tuned for tomorrow. Here is the picture I got at a gift shop in lake George.

3 thoughts on “DAY 14- Lake George

  1. You are an awesome writer Luke! I love hearing about your adventures! Sounds like you are having a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to hear more!


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