DAY 13- Lake George

Yesterday we actually didn’t go to lake George for a few reasons. Firstly because my dad got carried away with all of his work. The next reason was that there was a kickball game happening at 3:00pm, I was determined to go to that. And lastly it was very hot out. We decided we would go today. Which know I’m sure we’re doing. We are leaving Lake George tomorrow at around 11:30am. We are leaving for Vermont.

I’m really not looking forward to lake George. It’s an all day thing and I don’t like that idea. So when I woke up I tried to have the most fun. I went for a bike ride with Sydney to the dinosaur on the other side of the lake. Thats when my dad went outside to work from 11:00pm to 2:30pm. When he came inside we told him we were going to a kickball game. Caitlin and I played, Sydney for some reason didn’t want to play.

We got there and there were 10 kids and the event coordinate who played. As I’ve probably mentioned 6 times any sport is my favorite sport, so I was ready for kickball. We played to 10 runs which took 1 hour. Some of the kids there were very annoying and didn’t listen to the person running it. Who was on my team. At the end we were losing 9-8 with me on third second base and someone on my team on third with 2 outs. Someone on my team did a weak kick. My teammate on third base got home and i ran home to win. The other team got the ball and threw it at me I rolled downwards and dodged it. Which meant my team won. We were losing four to zero early on and came back. I felt awesome that my team won. We went home and prepared for the 9:00pm glow up pool party.

When we got there we figured out you could take any of the glow things home to keep. Here is what my sister brought.

That was for sure fun! When I went to bed I was ready I was exhausted it was around 10:00pm. Stay tuned to hear about lake George tommorow.

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