DAY 11- Lake George Campground

Lake George has by far a nicer campground than the one in Newport. My dad had to buy a premium spot because it had the most amps of power to plug into. Since we have a campsite membership my dad bought, we got it for a lot cheaper, it’s $20 per night. The nice part is if we back up about 5 yards were in a lake! We’re right of the side of a lake, the sight is beautiful.

Yesterday was pretty crazy but also full of crazy adventures! We started the day with news that they had to fix something else in the RV, which meant we couldn’t leave till 11:00am. There’s nothing better than spending extra hours in a parking lot. My mom also had a call from 11:00am to 12:00pm. Then one from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. Which meant we would be driving for all of her calls. Since it was about a 3 hour drive.

We started to move at about 11:00am. My mom was on her call and everything was going great. Until we went around a corner and about 4 drawers opened! My dad took all the glass stuff out of the 4 drawers and placed them with the other glass stuff in a safer drawer. Sydney And I didn’t know how to lock the dishwasher. We kept on trying different buttons but nothing wanted to work. My mom comes of her call and asked if everything was ok? She helped Sydney and I. She instantly knew how to keep everything closed. She also eventually figured out how to lock the dishwasher. Apparently you have to turn it off to lock it. Who’s idea was that?

When we finally got there we were all so excited to see how nice the campground was. After all of that stress we finally made it. My parents said that they didn’t know but they have been here twice! They said they love it here. For some reason I feel like I’ve also been here though I know I haven’t.

One big goal I hit on this trip to Lake George was that I went through Albany! I’ve always wanted to see Albany or go through it. If anyone is wondering Lake George is about 4 hours north of my old house. I’ve never been so far north in New York.

You can stay tuned for tomorrow. I will write about my day today and about what’s in the campground. This is the picture I got this morning with my dad. If you zoom in in the back there are huge green dinosaurs.

7 thoughts on “DAY 11- Lake George Campground

  1. Luc….
    I need to sign up for your writing course…. Excellent
    skills. I’m looking forward
    for tomorrow’s segment…
    You are the man!!!! 😎


  2. Enjoy Lake George! Northern New York is beautiful – I grew up there! Take in all the beauty and the quiet. Hugs to your mom.


  3. I Love it Luke! Thanks for sharing your crazy adventures! You are a great writer and had me laughing the whole time! 🙂


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