DAY 10- CT and rig still being fixed

With a fun awesome adventure always comes with days of boredom. That was kinda have the last few days went. We are still at the dealership. My mom wanted to leave when they finished fixing the washing machine, but they said they were going to do the yearly inspection now so we didn’t have to come back again. My mom wasn’t thrilled but my dad loved the idea. So now we can’t leave till around 10:00am on Wednesday. Our next RV park is near lake George in New York.

Yesterday I woke up felling energized. I ate some breakfast and started my day. My day yesterday was not to thrilling. I stayed in the RV almost all day. That almost, is when I went to the bank to sit in a room and watch my parents fill out papers and go food shopping. That happened at around 2:20pm to 3:50pm. That’s about all I did.

I’m sorry I couldn’t write as much as I usually write, I didn’t have the most exciting things to write about. Today on the other hand I’m moving to an RV park not in a parking lot, so stayed tuned to hear about my awesome adventures, tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “DAY 10- CT and rig still being fixed

  1. I just read all of your journal entries, and I’m already looking forward to reading more when you post them! You’re going to be so happy you wrote all this stuff down one day, trust me! I look back on journals I wrote over 20 years ago, and it’s a way of remembering a whole bunch of stuff I’d totally forgotten. The United States is beautiful, so I know you will all have a wonderful trip! Enjoy every minute!!!

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  2. Would you recommend Newport to other kids or families? What was your favorite and least favorite part of RI / Newport?


  3. Luke, I love reading your blog everyday. It’s the not so exciting days that make the awesome days even better! I love your writing style. Keep up the good work! Love Aunt Liz


  4. Love all these entries! Just had to catch up on a few days, and really enjoyed reading every one of them. Have fun at Lake George! It’s so beautiful there. Grandma Edden grew up near there and would go to lake George on vacation sometimes. Can’t wait to read more updates!


  5. Wow! What a great post.I am looking forward to reading more! I am in a Blogging class right now! Please make more!


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