DAY 9-CT fixing the rig

Living in an RV is so much fun, and also full of surprises, especially in the first days! As you heard in day 8, our washing machine broke. At random times it will fill up with water up to 5-7 gallons. When you open it to do laundry all the water comes pouring out on you. So we had to go back to the dealership where we bought it, which was lucky for us because it’s in Connecticut.

We arrived at the dealership very early on Monday. We drove our RV to where they told us to, and then we thought of a place to go. There is nothing to do at the dealership, it’s not an RV park but if you need something fixed you park there for a few days. The manager there gave us some ideas of where to go. We decided the place called Sonny’s was the best.

My mom had to do work so they gave her one of the RVs at the dealership to take her call in. While she was doing that my dad my two sisters and I went to eat at Panera Bread than went to Sunny’s.

When we arrived at Sunny’s it was different then we expected. Everyone was in a very small space. It was all outside which we expected, but there were a lot of activities. There must have been 8-11 activities there. Most of them you had to be at least 54 inches, we measured me and I was 52 and a half inches, I was a little disappointed. We ended up all playing mini golf and a bounce tower. I really didn’t notice how good Sydney was at mini golfing she hit some really long putts. My final score was 44 my dads was 50, Sydney’s was 60 and Caitlin’s was 66.

The bounce tower was definitely different then I thought. It had about 5 levels and different ways to go around the netting. There two huge slides you had to navigate your way to. And there were rope swings and normal swings inside. That was a lot of fun. We went back to the RV at around 3:45pm and hung out there all night.

My mom and I played a game if Quirkle together. I beat her 185 to 237. Later that night my mom and Sydney went shopping. When they came home it was around 9:00pm. We all went to bed around that time. We are still planning what we are going to do today, so stay tuned to hear about it tomorrow.

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