DAY 8- Last day in RI

Yesterday was our last day at Rhode Island. We are heading to Connecticut next. Our RV washing machine is broken, and the dealership is there. My mom wanted to go to the beach since our block island trip was canceled.

We started our day yesterday with breakfast. My mom went to 9:15am yoga. When she came back Caitlin wanted to go to the pool with her friends. She got to do that while everyone prepped for the beach.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like the beach. Like there is fun sand to play in and a nice view to look at and who couldn’t like the huge waves. Well that person would be me! I for reasons do not like the beach. Firstly when I went to the beach once i got bit by a fish and those things hurt! Also I think of the beach as a way of fun in the water, but when you come out you get sand all over yourself, and it doesn’t come off. My mom loves the beach along with everyone in my family. So that’s gonna happen often

Yesterday at the beach, my mom showed me a picture of our cats. They looked very happy, they were sleeping together. If anyone doesn’t know, back in our house we owned 2 lovey cats. One named Maximus and one named Mr Bojangles. We were all sad to give them away for a year, but we heard some bad stories about people that bring cats on the road. Anyway about the beach.

I actually ended up having so much fun. I went pretty far into the water with Sydney. We both loved the waves, the problem was the waves that hit my shoulders went over her head so she backed up a little. My mom also doesn’t really like staying at the beach all day. We ended up leaving at about 4:00pm which meant we stayed for 2 hours.

We went home, ate dinner and Caitlin wanted to see her friends one last time. She stayed there till 8:50 until we all went to bed. Early Monday morning we are leaving so we had to get extra sleep. We are actually leaving right now I’m writing early today. Hear about my moving adventure tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “DAY 8- Last day in RI

  1. This is fantastic Luke…. I LOVE reading about your amazing adventure…. Can’t wait to hear if you fix your washing machine and if you are warming up to beach life in Connecticut… All the best. Elena 😍😍


  2. Uncle Dan and I are really enjoying your posts, keep up the good work! I, too, hate getting sand stuck all over me at the beach but I’m glad you ended up having a good time!


  3. Great blog! I agree with the beach, it’s a lot of fun but the sand is annoying once you’re wet. Also I’ve always been afraid of being bit by a fish can’t believe it really happened to you!


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