DAY 7-First week in the RV

1 week has already come! It came with excitement, surprises and of course some sadness.

Yesterday, as I mentioned in day 6, we didn’t do anything to cool. But living in an RV is cool, so my day was fun.

It started normally when Caitlin ate breakfast and went to her friends RV. She then came back a few minutes later wanting to go to the pool. We all did that for an hour until my mom and dad had to go to Walmart. They said Caitlin and Sydney’s friends mom would watch us in the pool while they were gone. About 5 minutes after my parents left the pool, I decided to race home on my bike. I didn’t even dry off. When I got home my parents were in the car about to leave. I told them I was going to read my Dog Man book.

They came back about an hour later and I finished the whole book. They got my sisters at the pool and came back. We all ate dinner at around 7:15pm and finished by 7:45pm. What I was really looking forward to was the community fire pit. That started at around 8:00pm.

My parents bought all the s’mores equipment so when we went there we were set. Everyone there was eating marshmallows, but no one had s’mores. Everyone was looking around for the chocolate and graham crackers because the community fire was giving out marshmallows. When someone asked me where I got the chocolate and graham crackers I said I brought them.

We ended up going back at around 9:00pm. We all got ready for bed and went to sleep at about 9:15pm.

Today I started my blog for tomorrow by accident. So I already know my main heading. Stay tuned for my awesome adventure tomorrow

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