DAY 5- More RV fun

Yesterday was fun in different ways than I expected. We didn’t go to the beach. Which surprised me, because when my mom wants to do something it happens.

We went to the pool earlier that day, we sat next to someone who my mom was talking too. She said that the beach here on the Fourth of July is also so packed it’s at least two and a half hours wait. We ended up not going after that. We are now expected to go to the beach on Sunday.

We decided to let the girls play with there friends, while my mom, my dad and I rented peddle carts. The one problem was that they were pretty much broken. My dad ended up bringing them all back within 5 minutes.

What I was waiting for was happening later that night. Since it Fourth of July DJ Larry played at the stage. I’ve never seen him, but he sounded cool so I couldn’t miss him. He played from 8:00pm till 10:00pm. He played near the pool so I also got some late night swimming in with Caitlin and Sydney’s friends.

We played some fun games like Marco Polo and tag. After swimming, my family went to DJ Larry. He played some nice songs for everyone (15 people). We stayed until 9:40 when I got tired, we headed back to the RV and went to sleep.

Today we are heading to south Newport. Our RV park is in Newport so it is a short ride. Again we are going to the pool before we leave because my mom has a 10:30am to 11:30am call. I write again tomorrow about my adventures today.

5 thoughts on “DAY 5- More RV fun

  1. Great job Luke! I’m addicted to reading your posts. DJ Larry sounds so fun. Family, friends, pool, music and games! What could be better?!?


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