DAY 4- 4th of July in RI

Happy Fourth of July everyone. Yesterday I was teaching Caitlin and Sydney about the Fourth of July, and why we celebrate it. They didn’t really seem too interested in it. I thought them on the way to the pool.

It was about 10:00am. when Caitlin came in the RV and said my friends are at the pool can we please go. I had to finish my blog and Sydney wasn’t dressed yet. I finished my blog about 10 minutes later and we left. We went to the pool for about 45 minutes and came home.

My mom really wanted to go to the mystic aquarium, so we tried to fit it in. It closes at 6:00pm so my mom wanted to leave soon. By now it was about 12:00. We all ate lunch and we’re almost ready to leave. My dad then had a problem all of his clients had there phones down or something like that. It took him way longer than expected to fix it. We didn’t leave until 1:50pm.

We finally left, 30 minutes later we were there. When we got there my mom figured out how expensive the tickets were. She ended up buying the membership in case we wanted to go back.

When we got in it was way smaller than we expected. We asked one of the people there where we should start. He there are animals all around the perimeter and that we should do that first. We started by looking at beluga whales. No one in my family except my dad has seen a beluga whale. This was the friendliest whale ever, as shone in this picture

This was a great experience seeing a beluga for the first time. The rest of the stuff on the perimeter was pretty boring, except for the seals and sea lions. I love those animals, I just think they are so funny and love there bark. Oh and in the picture if your wondering why the glass on my side is wet, it’s because the beluga shot it’s head up and sprayed me while taking other pictures near bye.

After the aquarium we all went out to dinner and had ice cream in mystic. Mystic is a seaside village, And everyone in my family loves seaside villages. That’s one of the options for a place we might move to. We we got home at around 7:30pm, Caitlin and Sydney went to there friends RV and then went to the park with them. While my mom my dad and I went on a bike ride around the park. We ended up going to bed at around 10:30pm, but I had so much fun.

Today my mom wants to go to the beach. So I think that’s what we’re doing. I will write again tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “DAY 4- 4th of July in RI

  1. I love aquariums! Scott and Mark do not like going to the zoo with me because I will sit and watch the otters for hours!


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