DAY 2- RI fun at the campground

Today is the beginning of day 2! Our RV adventure is going great. Last night I slept great due to all the awesome things I did yesterday.

I started my day yesterday by writing on my vlog. Then my dad and I walked to the mini golf and played two rounds on the 9 hole course. That course is very hard, there are wood chips everywhere and little pebbles got kicked on to the holes. The holes are in very weird locations with break you can’t see. I beat my dad in both round, 1 stroke in the first round and a double playoff hole win in the second round.

After that we met my sisters at the pool near by. We stayed there for about 30 minutes until my mom had a call. Everyone went back to the RV and changed then we went outside. My moms call ended soon, and then we were back at the fun.

My sisters and I had an epic bike chase around the park. When that was done my parents and sisters went to Walmart in our Jeep while I stayed back in the RV. They came back at around 7:30pm. After that we ate dinner at around 8:30pm.

Then I went on a bike ride by myself around the park at night. It looks nice with all the campfires around. If you look over the RVs you see smoke coming up from some and you know they are have a campfire. It looks so cool over the night sky.

I came back to the RV and brushed my teeth and went to bed at around 10:00pm, which is pretty late for me. Today I’m expected to play golf with my dad at an actual golf course, I’m excited for that. That was my exciting day yesterday. And I look forward to writing about today, tomorrow.

19 thoughts on “DAY 2- RI fun at the campground

  1. What a great day! Reminds of another famous journal about traveling across the country: Lewis and Clark explores the land west of the Mississippi 200 years ago. On the first day they were messing about with a gun and accidentally shot a woman nearby! They were very relieved when she didn’t die! You are a much better speller than they were: Can you find the spelling errors:

    Apparently they didn’t even get the date right! They really started on August 31…
    Aunt Annie


  2. Luke what is A vlog?Sounds like you had a great first two days! I hope the trip keeps going like that.
    from, Evan


    1. Hi Evan! Yes I’m having a great time. And you are right I’m writing a blog. But there is such thing is as a vlog, it’s when you write and add videos and pictures.


  3. I love reading your journey! It’s cool to hear your perspective. How old are you, Luke? You’re a great writer. Keep it up! Can’t wait to read more and follow along!


  4. This is a great idea! I am looking forward to reading about all of your adventures. Please tell Caitlin I say hi!


  5. Sounds like you’re having a great time! Don’t forget to use your commas, my young friend. Read it softly aloud and whenever you’d give a tiny pause (for example: transition words like after, then, etc) then you want to place that comma. What are you going to read for the summer? So excited to keep looking at your adventures! I’m about to go on a European adventure and thought about posting some of the more educational highlights on the LoL page (I’m following the vikings’ journey up the Danube). I hope you’re going to have a sixth grade adventure like no other!!


  6. Sounds awesome!
    Tell Sydney and Caitlin I say Hi.
    If you find any cows, please tell them “ Violet is a devoted cow lover”
    Looking forward to hearing more!

    The Yeet Master


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